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Pastor Brock with no background.png

Reverend Francisco D. Brock, Sr.
Senior Pastor

Donald Toussaint_edited.png

Reverend Donald Toussaint Assistant Pastor
Outreach Ministry

Associate Ministers

Ora Edwards_edited.png
Loretta Jennings_edited.png
Tonya Lett Civic_edited.png

Minister Loretta Jennings
Sunday School Ministry

Minister Ora Edwards

Minister Tonya Lett
Virtual Ministry

Lashanna Watkins_edited.png

Minister Lashanna Watkins
Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Photo not available.png

Minister Donna Joseph
Christian Education Ministry
Diamonds & Rubies Ministry

Robin Jack_edited.png

Minister Robin Jack 

Chad Jack_edited.png

Minister Chad Jack
Media Ministry

Photo not available.png

Minister Clifford Magee

LeeQuinita Brazzle_edited_edited.png

Evangelist LeeQunita Brazzle

Photo not available.png

Evangelist Sheila Dailey

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