History - Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

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Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church was founded in April 1976, under the pastoral leadership of Rev. James Magee, Jr, founding pastor.  The church had a humble beginning and worship service was initially held at the Victory Masonic Lodge #22 at 4331 Bowen Street in Moss Point, Mississippi.

Property was located on Fredrick Street in Moss Point, MS and the final transaction to purchase was completed on June 30, 1977.  Church construction began that same year with the members and pastor working tirelessly, sometimes in the late night hours, after having worked there regular commercial jobs.  They had a mind to complete the construction of this facility.  

Shiloh’s initial membership was recorded at 272 members.  Shiloh has grown tremendously, not only in membership, but also in the grace of God.  You can’t accomplish what God has done for the congregation named Shiloh at Moss Point, MS on the merit of man; it was God’s doing and we sure praise Him for His blessings.

Through the years we have made numerous acquisitions and improvements (to buildings owned).  These acquisitions include but are not limited to land, buildings and transportation vehicles.

The negotiation for the purchase of the new church campus at 5425 Grierson Street, formerly East Moss Point Baptist Church, began in late 1999.  The successful purchase of the property on Grierson Street gave Shiloh a new worship home.  The celebration of our new worship home and “march-in” service was November 4, 2001.  Much of the congregation marched from our Fredrick Street home to the Grierson Street home in the early morning of that Sunday being escorted by the city’s Police Department.  God surely blessed us in this move having us complete the mortgage on the Grierson Street campus in 2009.  

 In 2005 Hurricane Katrina forced major repairs to both the sanctuary and the fellowship hall; however we remained blessed of the Lord.   Educational tools have also been added to the church’s resources for growth.

 On Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 our beloved Pastor of over forty years went to eternal rest.  He was Eulogized on Saturday, July 19, 2014 with a beautiful message by Rev. Dr. Harry L. Toussaint.

Rev. Charles Evans was appointed as Interim Pastor in January of 2015.  We are blessed to have him in leadership as we go through this transition.

We thank God for His blessings and it remains our sincere prayer that we began to look like the Father through Christ Jesus His Son and our Savior.